In continuation of our earlier email, all customers were requested to arrange migration of their websites, emails and domains to other providers at the earliest. Effective from May 29th 2017, all remaining customers will be migrated onto the infrastructure of Alpine Technologies Pvt. Ltd and will thereon be under their maintenance and support. All future renewals and related payments will also be managed by Alpine Technologies. The migration activity will be carried out over the next 60 days during which time the control panel may be inaccessible to users. In case of any issues faced please contact the below: Alpine Customer Support: 021-35841337, 021-35841338 & 021-35846712 - Alpine Helpdesk: Support ticketing URL:
  • Sales 111-44-55-66
  • Support 111-56-56-56

Service Desk

Service Desk

Our core mission at Cybernet is to provide the highest level of services and support. The Service Desk is our customer’s first point of contact for support and assistance.

The Service Desk has an incident management feature, the goal of which is to restore the customer to a productive state as quickly as possible, either through education, resolution or a workaround. At the same time, the Service Desk is tightly integrated into many IT processes that include:

  • Problem management (the process of identifying the root cause of reported problems)
  • Change management (the methodology to make orderly changes in the IT infrastructure)
  • Configuration management (the means to record asset information plus the relationships among them)

The dedicated Service Desk system is based on comprehensive complaint lodging procedures and market leading Customer Relationship Management software, which leads us to an organized way of responding to customer calls and keep track record of the faults, so that we can build a knowledge base and consistently improve the scope of our services. Cybernet Service Desk provides support to our client’s day-to-day operations and eliminates their need to find solutions to problems on their own. We provide Service Desk operations across the region, covering a wide spectrum of clients and all time zones, with a high first call resolution. The Service Desk aims to fix issues intuitively and ensure their resolution swiftly.

Key Differentiators

  • Single-window clearance service for the client.
  • Consolidation and standardization of operations and processes.
  • 24×7 multi-lingual, multi-channel support.
  • Integrated solution to provide Level 1 to Level 3 support.
  • ITIL® best practice standards and guidelines.