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Cyber GPON

Building fiber networks is an intricate, complex and time consuming process. Understanding the regulatory framework in each town and state where the fiber is laid requires specialized skills and knowledge. Unique construction knowledge is required to deploy these dark fiber networks. Creating large fiber networks costs tens to hundreds of millions of dollars, making large capital outlays mandatory. Service Providers nationwide are striving hard to achieve the “Gold standard” for uptime, keeping in mind that we operate in a developing country where the infrastructural issues are beyond the control of an ISP. Major issues like power outages and local infrastructural challenges make it immensely taxing to fulfill pre-defined commitments.

That’s where Cybernet’s GPON Network benefits, since it is completely buried and above all, is passive in nature i.e. no dependency of power on external sources resulting in smooth uninterrupted services in case of power outages. Cyber ION™ GPON delivers more capacity to carry bandwidth-intensive applications and is scalable to provide bandwidths up to 100 Mbps per port. GPON provides downstream speeds of 2.5 Gbps and upstream speeds of 1.25 Gbps. GPON can support long distances of up to 20 km and unlike copper, it does not suffer from performance degradation over distance.